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Should ectomorphs use steroids?

6 March 2009 No Comment

body-type-chart-ectomorphProbably ectomorphs are those who put this question more often as they are those who look weaker if we can say so. They train hard eat a lot but the weights are showing just litlle progress. That is when your motivation is down and you are ready to try everything just to bulk up quick. In these moment you are more exposed to be affected by the opinion of other guys. But you shall not!!! It is important to understand the differences of all types of bodies and accept it as it is. Believe me this way of thinking will make you more happier and it is better than frustrating yourself with questions such as: Why I am ectomorph?, or Why I grow slower?.

It’s the same in life – someone is businessman, other is football player and third is bodybuilder and this is normal as if everyone will be the same it would not be interesting.

In any circumstances in your life it is important to understand where you are, what you are and what are your chances to be where you want. Then think about steps you need to undertake and forces you need to confront.

In any sphere of life until you win you will meet many forces which will try to stop you. Some are psychological some will come from friends and people near you. But if you know what you want and you see yourself there you shall not listen to anyone or at least do not permit them influencing you.

bodytype_ectomorph_smallSo should ectomorph use steroids or no? Bros, the question itself is not correct because:

1. it depends on what your goal is

2. steroids are not the panacea

3. you still can grow without steroids

So before taking any decision you must think for what you need it? And is it the best solution.

As Tom Prince stated he took “gear” when he was 24 but until that age he trained as hard as possible, eat as correct and clean as possible and slept as much as possible.

So take into consideration that if you do not grow it is not because you are not taking steroids but because there is something wrong with your training regiment/diet/or recovery.

Thus please take an advice from someone who is more experienced. Ask him to help you creating a good training schedule then eat sufficient and sleep as much as needed. And believe me results will come….however there are no limits…

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