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Importance of Leg training

15 August 2009 One Comment

arnold-squat-francoDo you like squats? Do you like training your legs?

How many of us know guys who are training hard every part of their body but not the legs? Those guys have huge arms, shoulders but their legs are skinny.

And this is not beautiful at all. It does not matter where you are, on the beach on the gym or in other part.
That is not a look a real man should have.

However many guys are lazy and moreover they do not understand the importance of leg training. They say “my legs are huge enough and training them once per month is enough. In 2 years of such attitude you will see how they look and every year will bring more dissonance to their look. And this is not the only reason for training legs.  Did you know that leg training will make your body release more testosteron? And more testosterone means more muscles? Yes, more muscles to any body part.

Let’s read what some researchers from the University of Connecticut did.


arnold-squatsResearch by scientists from the University of Connecticut examined the hormonal responses and adaptation to resistance exercise and training. They noted that high-volume, moderate-to-high-intensity weight training, using short rest intervals and stressing a large muscle mass, multiple joint exercises (legs, Chest, Back, shoulders) tended to produce the greatest acute hormonal elevations (notably testosterone and GH). In comparison low-volume, high-intensity resistance training methods using long rest intervals did not induce a similarly high hormonal response. Sports Med 2005; 35(4):339-61

Since an higher volume lead to more testosterone but longer training time lead to less there must be a time factor somewhere that will enable us to conciliate the two. Of course it’s the time of rest between your sets. To cut a long story short, many studies researched that variable, the most significant being by Kraemer et al. This research consisted of two groups, one performing an hypertrophy workout made of sets of 10 RM with a minute of rest between each sets. The other one was a strength training consisting of multiple sets of 5 RM with 3 minutes between each sets. Both groups shown significant increase in serum testosterone, the earlier showing a slightly higher increase.
That indicated that hypertrophy workout do increase testosterone level more than strength training. Also shorter rest periods seem to have the same effect. If 1 minute seem to lead to bigger increase in testosterone level than 3 minutes, then going below 1 minute in hope to increase the testosterone level even more, would greatly impair your short-term recovery.

Tom Platz is considered to have biggest quadriceps.CONCLUSION:

So if you want to get bigger train your legs and start NOW!

Leg Routine:

Warm up with 2 sets for 15-20 reps

Squats: 4x 20/20/15/15 reps

Seated leg curls 4x 20/20/15/12/

Lying Leg Curls 3x 15/12/12


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