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How to Properly Inject Anabolic Steroids.

17 April 2011 No Comment

When people look to take Anabolic steroids.  The first thing they want to do is take Oral only steroids.  The problem with this is, Oral only cycles are not the way to go, considering the side effects that come with them and not only that, every cycle you take should have Testosterone in it.   So when deciding to first take steroids Injection is the way to go. 

Injections.  You will want a vial of steroid from a good source like www.gbnstore.net Then you will need your needles.  The mostly used size for injection is 22 to 23 ga x 1 – 1.5in needle.  you can use 1.0 for deltoids.

To begin – First using Rubbing Alchohol clean the top of you vials off.

Beggining, you will want to warm your vial up shaking and placing in a warm cup of water can do this for you. Next start cleaning the top of you vial off, you will want to let it air dry while you are preparing your syringe to properly draw your steroid out of its vial.  Tighter the top of the needle and then draw air into your needle.  You will want to draw air into the needle because it will make the drawing of the steroid easier, then push the needle straight into the vial and force the air into it, slowly start drawing your steroid out. Once you finish and have the right amount of steroid, tap the airbubble inside of it out, you can do this by tapping the plastic sides of the needle, and pushing them back into the vial or if you have plenty just push it out.  Take the needle and put the cap back onto.


After you draw your steroid. You will want to clean the area you are going to inject into.  Remember using rubbing alchohol whipe the area down and let it air dry dont pat it dry let the rubbing alchohol dry on its own.  While it the area is drying, prepare your injection by using another needle head switch it with the one you used to draw the steroid out of the vial.  This will allow you to have a fresh needle that is not dull. 

Part 3

Push a little of the steroid out so that it drips down the needle, this will make the inejection smoother.  Next aim for your injection site and like a dart motion put the needle into your site.   Once you are all the way in, if you are nervous just breath and relax your self.  Hold the needle steady, you may shake if this is your first time, but you will want to ASPIRATE.  Aspirating mean to pull back on the syringe before injecting the steroid, this will either pull air into your syring or blood.  If you see blood you have probley injected into a vein, you will need to pull out and do not inject, and  you now have to start over again.  If you seen air bubles and no blood, you are fine to inject you are in the muscle. Slowly start pushing the steroid in, it may sting or you may feel a little pressure, or smooth and wont feel anything.  It depends on the steroid some sting some dont.  You will slowly inject, after all of it is in and there is no more to inject pull the needle out slowly or fast, fast is better.  

Almost over.

With a alcholhol pad add pressure to your injection site, and massage the area this will help to move the steroid around.  After that put a band aid over the injection spot. 

You have now injected a steroid CONGRATS, it was not that hard at all was it.  No worries.   If you Properly followed directions, you are safe and in the clear.  If there are any problems, you will no with in a few days if there is a infection because the area will become swollen and red and itchy.  This needs to be taken care of go to a doctor.   BUT remember after injecting steroids, the next few days that part of your body will be swollen and sore. Its normal.   So dont get worried.

For more information on Injections and to find safe and reliable source go to www.Hypermuscles.com for all the information that you need, talk to other bodybuilders and members to learn all you need.  Go to www.gbnstore.com for your pinz and Anabolic steroids.

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