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Lee Haney Chest Training Routine

4 January 2011 One Comment

Let’s take a look at training routine of former Mr.Olympia Lee Haney. He is the one who won 8 consecutive Sandow’s and was and still is a motivation for many of us.

Lee Haney had a great proportions of muscles so we have a lot to learn from him.

Here is what he says regarding chest training:

“I never needed a machine to train my chest. Barbells, dumbbells, dipping bars–those are the basics. About as fancy as I got was a cable crossover machine. But really what builds chest muscle is working the barbell and dumbbell presses and flyes. You just can’t improve on those basic exercises.”


Barbell bench presses 4-5     12-6
Barbell incline presses 4     10-6
Dumbbell flyes 4     12-15
Dips 3     10-12
Cable crossovers 3     10-12

Follow Lee’s training routine and see how it works for you!

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