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Arm Strength Exercise – Blast Your Arms Full of Strength in Only Ten Minutes a Day!

17 October 2009 No Comment

arnold huge armsArms are easily one of the key areas to develop. And whether you are bodybuilding, looking to gain strength for your specific sport, or seeking a strong, sleek, healthy and muscular look, developing the arms is a must. And here is the best way to gain the strength and development you want.

Step 1: The Plan

When targeting your arms, you’ve got to keep your whole workout goal in mind. The arms are important, yet they are still a “minor” muscle group. That is to say, your back muscles, and your chest muscles are considered “major” muscle groups. After all, you will normally use your arms when exercising your chest and back, so be sure you adjust your plan accordingly. Don’t tire out your arms FIRST, because then your chest and back exercises would suffer. Work those major muscle groups first, then focus on your arms.

Step 2: Your Workout

Many people like to lift weights in their workouts. And many people enjoy good results with weight training. When lifting weights, adjust your weights to a heavier weight that you can only lift a maximum of six reps. This will give you the best strength benefit and “shocks” your body into re-building the muscles bigger and stronger. You can also follow that by a cool-down set of a lighter weight with ten to twelve reps to build muscle endurance.

Now, I’ve got an even better way that has been scientifically proven to increase strength a full five percent faster! And the cool thing is that the workout takes only minutes a day! This gives you the flexibility to do all those OTHER things in your life while still getting in your strength training and muscle-building workout. It’s called isometric contraction training.

The basic idea behind isometrics is to get the effect of that last rep of a weight lifting routine… but do it FIRST. That is, to contract the muscle being trained to the maximum extent possible. Then HOLD that tension for seven to ten seconds, then slowly relax. It may take a little time to get the knack of contracting the muscle fully, but once you’ve gained the ability to do that, using isometrics, your workouts can not only be much more effective (building strength), but shortening your workout times dramatically. Isometric contraction exercises have been found to increase strength at a steady five percent per week with only ten minutes of exercise, done three times a week.

Step 3: The Proper Amount of Rest

And lastly, you’ve got to get your rest. Many people recommend weight training no more than three days a week. Isometric Training can be designed to fit your schedule, preferences, and goals. Some train each muscle or muscle group once a week. Some train once a day. It depends on your desired result. But with isometrics, once a day for ten or fifteen minutes will not be over training. And don’t forget a full night’s sleep.

So, whether weight training or isometric contraction training, arm strength is a key part of building the body everybody wants. So choose your method, work it, and get your rest to see the results.

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Posted on September 30, 2009


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