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SilvioSamuel001Silvio Samuel’s superb conditioning is only part of the equation for his show-stopping hams

By Eric Velazquez

Silvio Samuel – always busy and seldom silent – will have the luxury of being the year’s only pro show winner at the Arnold Classic in a few weeks. But the 5’8″ marvel of conditioning will be posing down against a much more competitive field in Columbus than the one at January’s Ironman Pro. Not that he would acknowledge that – Silvio claims to be focused solely on the task at hand, which is finding a way to bring a better build to the stage. Again.

“I’m really focused on what I’m doing,” says Silvio, the fifth place finisher at last year’s Arnold. “Whatever anyone else is doing is okay for them. The judges are there to judge. I have great respect for every competitor. I don’t look to the lineup to pick my preparation. I always base my preparation on what I can bring to the stage.”


Part of Silvio’s growing mystique lies in his amazing hamstring muscularity and conditioning. He does admit readily that Kai Greene is one guy – maybe the only one – who can match him in this area – depending on how well his show prep goes. Here, Silvio weighs in on his twice-weekly regimen as he prepares for the Arnold.


Exercise     Sets     Reps
Lying leg curl     4     112
One-leg standing curl     4     12 (each leg)
Seated leg curl     4     12
Barbell lunge     4     12
–superset with–
Stiff-legged deadlift
–Silvio determines his cardio schedule based on what he’s seeing in the mirror. His sessions usually include 30-45 minutes of activity, divided into 10-15 minute bouts on the treadmill, stepmill or stationary bike.

Day     Bodyparts Trained
1     Chest (a.m.), biceps (p.m.)
2     Shoulders (a.m.), triceps (p.m.)
3     Quads (a.m.), hamstrings (p.m.)
4     Back (a.m.) calves (p.m.)
5     Varies
6     Quads, hamstrings
7     OFF

–Silvio’s Saturday leg workout includes some basic movements, such as front squats, done with lighter weight.

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